HemiCAP Hip Patient, Kellie, Hits Her 15 Year Milestone

We are so excited to share an update on one of our very first Hip HemiCAP Implant recipients, Kellie who recently hit her 15-year milestone!

She says, “having the HemiCAP surgery has changed my life.”

15 years ago, in July of 2003, Kellie had her surgery, which was performed by Dr. Marc Philippon. Because she was having severe pain in her hip, which made it difficult to walk, be active, and even go to work, she opted for the joint preserving Hip HemiCAP Implant. Following the surgery, Kellie decided that she wanted to start living a more active and healthy lifestyle. Knowing that exercise and nutrition would help her achieve this goal, she was excited to get rid of the hip pain that was hindering her. After having her HemiCAP, she was able to go on long walks without having any pain and soon after the surgery she started regularly practicing yoga. Receiving the HemiCAP surgery rather than the total joint replacement allowed her to continue her active, healthy lifestyle.

Link: https://www.arthrosurface.com/patient-story/hemicap-hip-patient-kellie-hits-her-15-year-milestone/